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MODVEC is an independent film production group, focusing on films that usually involve meta-physical or sci-fi elements. We are dedicated to making films that explore the intersection between the ordinary and extraordinary.

latest news - updated January 20, 2020

Day 6 is completed! Thanks to the wonderful crew of Audrey, Peter, Sophie, Phil, Chris, Alma, Lisa, and also Helene, Adrienne and Eva for their intense acting and stuntwork! :-) We finished the second half of scene 13, which required the most complex lighting and blocking for the entire project.

Roughly 85% of the film has now been shot; we just need to film the two short scenes 1 and 15, and finish up a few others. We also have a full rudimentary edit of everthing we've shot so far; it's now starting to look like an actual film. :-)

We have scheduled Day 7--the final full shooting day--in early February. It will involve a lighthouse. :-)

We'll keep you posted! --Jay

September 19, 2019

We are done with the majority of the huge epic undertaking that was Day 5! It was a afternoon shoot, followed by a night shoot that went to 1am (!). Thanks to Sophie, Peter, Tess, James, Adrienne, Helene, Eva, and Greg (who came in from New York) for their fantastic help!

This day involved a number of practical smoke and lighting effects that will hopefully sell the vfx shots we will add later. Making the more fantastical elements look and sound like they are actually filmed in camera and not added in post has always been a priority...

We are now over the hurdle; the majority of the film has been put "in the can". I've been editing between shooting days and it's fun to see whole scenes come together to form a full story.

There are a total of 24 scenes in this film. The final schedule is to shoot the short scenes 1 and 15, finish scenes 12, 13, and 24, get some additional pickup shots of scene 9, and then some quick montage and insert shots...This should be another day or two of work. Then we are done with filming, and I can spend the next few months on editing, vfx, sound, music, and polishing--all of which are time consuming, involving, and really fun. :-)

We'll keep you posted! --Jay

August 28, 2019

Days 3 and 4 of Project "TMW" are completed! Just one more day after that (and pickup shots)! A big thank you to Gino, Julian, Amy, Katelyn, Huy, James, Bre, Peter, Eva, Adriene, and Helene for their hard work!

And Here is a YouTube link to a nine second video showing our improvised and only slightly dangerous backwards--bicycle dolly shot.

Day 3 and Day 4 involved 11 pages and 16 pages respectively; we were blessed with a perfect overcast sky for the Day 4 forest scenes so we didn't have to worry about distracting shadows. Thank you again to the cast and crew for staying a little late! :-)

Day 5 will be 16 pages, shooting in the afternoon and a special night--for--day shoot later, although there will be no traveling this time. Then a few pickup scenes and I'm post-producing for about six months. :-) I'm still experimenting with different color and contrast styles in DaVinci Resolve...

Day 5 will have lights galore, with a lot of practical and weird lighting effects: Handheld flashlights, shadow cards, ring lights, lights on a stick, and a funky wave light---all to make the added vfx seem real and not just pasted in later. It should be a lot of fun :-)

We'll keep you posted! --Jay

August 6, 2019

Project "TMW" is now underway! We've got our cast and crew, and we have scheduled five intense days of filming!

Day 1 and Day 2 have already been shot, thanks to the hard work of the cast and crew! :-) We started light, with three pages on Day 1 and five pages on Day 2, to slowly develop a learning curve. We've already created a rudimentary edit and it's really fun to see all the out-of-order shots start to come together in a narrative. Thanks to Helene, Adrienne and Eva for their awesome acting work so far, with a shoutout to Eva for being such a badass in some of the more physically taxing scenes!

We're using DaVinci Resolve for the editing and color correction, and I'm having fun trying out different visual schemes. I've decided to go with slight desaturation of the colors and lowered contrast to keep the realistic look, which will play against the bright pyrotechnics of the final scenes later. I'm already impressed with what the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera can deliver, as long as you keep the raw footage in the proper range.

Day 3 will be an 11 page shoot with multiple locations, followed by Day 4 and Day 5 at 16 pages each, although each day at a single location. Then pickup shots, and finally the six-month post production period where I create the visual effects and final sound mix.

We'll keep you posted! --Jay

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